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Looking For Employment (Day 14) – Dismissal Day

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14 days ago today, that’s when IBM UK LTD decided to let me, and 8 others in my team, know that we were at risk of redundancy. It seems quite ironic though that the word risk was used as it was a foregone conclusion that my colleagues and I were being made redundant (at least from the job we were doing for IBM) unless we were willing to uproot our lives and move to Galway in Ireland.

I’ve decided to start blogging about my experiences as I try to find a new job and hopefully I  can show the highs and lows of the world of job hunting as you come along on this journey with me.

You may be wondering why I’ve decided to leave it until now to start talking about this and what I’ve been doing the two weeks prior to this. Well let’s take those questions one at a time.

  1. Why now?
    • Well today was the end of my 2 week consultancy with IBM and my official dismissal date from the company so I felt now would be the right time.
  2. What have I been doing?
    • I’ve been applying for jobs, updating my CV (that’s not been written in 16 years) and reaching out to any contacts I have to see if there are any vacancies anywhere that might suit my skills and experience.

So now that we have those two out of the way lets get on to talking about the main reason for this blog, job hunting.

A few days into my first 14 days I submitted my first job application to Verint in the hope to land one of two QA roles advertised on their website. The roles would be ideal for me as they cover what I’ve been doing for the past 5 – 6 years in IBM and they aren’t a huge distance from me either.

Well it seems that the Verint role(s) were not to be, as I received an email earlier today advising me I wasn’t successful in my application.

As you can imagine, this was a huge blow to me on the same day in which I was formally dismissed from my current job. I have no idea why I wasn’t successful however I did feel that it was very important for me to find out why and I have asked their HR if there was anything I could have done better or changed.

Companies are obviously not obliged to let someone know why they weren’t successful for a job however some do and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Verint reply to me.

Why does it matter to me?

It’s simple really. I’ve been employed by IBM now for some 15 – 16 years and a lot has changed since I took that job role. For starters I know that when I submitted my CV to them for consideration, that it was really poor. I have since rectified that problem and even sent them a copy of my new CV however it’s really important for me to work out how things are in todays job markets and improve wherever I can to make sure I stand a chance of being considered for future jobs.

What about the other jobs you applied for?

To date I’ve submitted approx 15 applications for jobs, some are maybe out of my reach qualification and experience wise however having ambition never hurt anyone.

  • Systems Engineer (Security)
    • This was possibly above my skill level in fairness and I received word back today from Search, who were handling the application for their client, that I was not successful at this time.

  • Quality Assurance Manager – Henry Technologies
    • Again, maybe a little above my skill level but I did feel that this one was certainly within my grasp however I received word today that this was also a no 🙁

Update 16:04: It seems I might have been a bit more than a little under-qualified for the job at Henry Technologies. When I asked for feedback I was advised:

We need a QA person who can read engineering drawings, inspect machined components and who has an understanding of welding procedures. Your CV, although impressive, didn’t reflect this.

So what now?

Apply, apply, apply. A rejection for a job isn’t the end of the road, it’s important that you take what you can from it and move on to the next job application.

I have submitted a number of other job applications in the past 13 days and as the responses for each come in I’ll hopefully keep you updated.

As for the blog, well it’s a work in progress and I have a lot of great ideas in my head about how this should be used and what you would all like to see from it but for now I’ll finish up with one of the things I wanted to share on here, a short summary of everything going on just now in numbers (which may update throughout the day)

Jobs Applied For Today: 0
Applications Rejected: 3 (Verint, Search & Henry Technologies)
Interviews: 0
Total Jobs Applied For: Will start from today

If you know of a job going that would suit my skills then feel free to use the contact form on this site to reach out to me or you can reach me on LinkedIn 



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