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You’ve done it! You’ve reached the only place my CV can be seen online.

Paper CVs and form submissions are so boring and ’90s so I’ve decided to at least get myself into the ’00s (are we allowed to say naughties?) and put my CV online for everyone to see.

So before you get yourself into the site here’s just a little bit about me to at least attempt to build a picture of who I am and what I can do.

I’m John McKenzie as the site suggests and I live in Greenock on the west coast of Scotland which is where I was born some 35 year ago.

I am a father of 5 amazing children and husband to my best friend. We live in a small(ish) semi-detached house and have just the one pet, a bichon frise dog.

In my spare time when I’m not with my wife and kids you will most likely see me with a camera in my hand as I do photography as a part time job at the weekends and in the evenings.

Now that you know a little about me, take a look at the more serious side of my CV and if you like what you see then please drop me an email or call me.

  • Name: John McKenzie
  • Email: john@john-mckenzie.com
  • Phone: +44(0)7450 865720
  • Date of birth: 27th April 1981
  • Address: 8 Nicol Drive, Greenock, Scotland, PA16 7ET.
  • Nationality: Scottish